They’re Baack

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They’re Baack

Sun shining, legs pumping, chatting away with my beloved, dogs running through the grasses and trees chasing squirrels, birds chirping… what a gorgeous day! I obliviously relished our time hiking on the Bruce Trails in Hamilton, watching our fur babies fully enjoy the freedom in the woods, splashing through each and every creek while probably imagining themselves as wild and free wolf-like leaders of the pack – and why not, since shortly thereafter, they were once again on their leashes and having to undergo the unwelcomed combing ceremony! 

We blissfully and dreamily toured our beautiful lot and future home (while we are not on the road), and I was so careful to wear light clothes, consistently checking my ankles and legs, and holding my skirt away from grasses and shrubs… 

Content from a wonderful day with my husband, and finally sitting down to blog, I felt a slight tickle on my shoulder – glanced over, and FLUNG a tick off of myself to who knows where in my kitchen! I was so careful!! I checked myself thoroughly, and continued merrily on my blogging… Sitting down later to a scrumptious salad and ribs, and talking happily together with Fern, another tickle, and I quickly turned around for him to snatch a tick off my back! How rude!! I then got Fern to check my head, back… Arg! Now I was getting insulted! Whatever. We continued our meal, when suddenly I felt a prick, jumped up, and exposed myself, not caring if the curtains were closed or who could see what!! That tick was chomping on my backside!! That was it!!! Totally unimpressed!!! Well, they are back, and in full force! 

Do you think I slept well?? Even after a scalding bath, and full check, every time I felt any sort of tickle, I was awake and checking myself! At one point in the night, one of the fur babies jumped up on the bed to get comfy, and I practically threw her off! Then I had to shake the whole blanket…I hate ticks!!!

We make sure our dogs are protected, and they are fine, but that doesn’t stop them from giving free rides to the ticks and bringing them into the house. I have to get the rose geranium oil out again! A drop of this essential oil on my ankles and wrists, a drop on the dogs’ collars and tip of their tails, and we can ward off those annoying critters! Also, planting peppermint around the house, as well as making sure that the grass stays fairly short, keeps ticks at bay.

Keep your eyes open for these nasty pests, and don’t let them take your enjoyment of this awesome fresh season! They’re baack! But we are bigger and smarter! Take care, and get your rose geranium oil in use 🙂

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