Time Moves On

Time Moves On

We are such a close family, and I LOVE that about us!  But I have to say, that when one puts so much of oneself into persons, when they leave us, they leave a HUGE hole!  And this is what I had been struggling with at this time in my life!  Suddenly, after spending my days, weeks, and years staying at home, homeschooling our daughters, doing most everything together with my favourite girls, I was alone…  I mean, I had my husband, but I didn’t have “me” anymore… who was I anyway??  Who needed me??  What was I to do with my time??

While living in Alberta, God had dropped schooling in health care into my lap, and I thoroughly enjoyed working in the health field with people that had need of my services, but once we moved to Ontario, no matter which door I tried to open in this field, it would always be closed to me… so confusing!  

I poured myself into offering my services wherever it seemed there was a need in volunteering, and spent as much time as I could with my new grandbabies and their mommies.💗

I even offered my pathetic services to my husband, who had started out on his own with CAPTAIN Electron…good thing he is, as I stated before, such a patient man!  He painstakingly taught me electronics and computer “stuff” – and I am not mathematically minded or computer savvy!!  But we made a great team nonetheless!

So!  The thought of having this bus-venture together seemed like a plan straight from Heaven above!! Something to aspire to again!

Anyone else, like me, feel the need to always have goals, plans, aspirations?

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