It’s All in How You Choose to See It

It’s All in How You Choose to See It

I’d love to say that it was pure excitement and joyous fun right from the get-go and all the way through, but in all reality, the romance is in the imagination, the attitude and sometimes in the pictures afterwards. 

After the “pretty” paint was on the metal floor, and once all the bolt holes were filled with a lovely grey silicone substance and then sanded somewhat smooth, we lifted our heads to focus on the walls.  Once again, I tried to get away with simply building over the existing structure, but my husband, the slave driver, I mean, the voice of reason, showed me the correct way of doing things. We could not leave the walls as is because of the need for better insulation.

So, with hammer and chisel in hand, we started removing nasty rivets – my husband finding that this system was faster and more efficient than using the grinder. Once we got into the rhythm, we were moving right along – Fern pounding the hammer and chisel in a staccato pattern of movement and noise, taking the heads off of each rivet, after which I would pull the metal sheeting walls away from the framework revealing the pathetic, aged insulation. We were quite happy with “our” decision to remove the  walls at this point, and I guess I could even put it in writing that my husband was right!

Because I am an equal opportunist, my husband welcomed my tries at using the hammer and chisel — unfortunately, I am neither patient nor strong, so I promptly and happily surrendered the tools, and continued the most rewarding job of rolling back the metal walls.

My big brother, who owns and operates his own business, Ronny’s Renos at, gave us advice on insulation types for flooring, as well as durable floor coverings. From this point, my dad and I trekked to a few home improvement stores, while Fern was working his business, to find the necessary items at the best pricing.

We chose radiant insulation to put onto the metal floor for subflooring combined vapour barrier, before we would lay the plywood. My dad and I measured and cut the insulation, taping it together with the metallic radiant foil tape to seal, then used the same measurements for the cutting of the plywood. 

It was a tough couple of days of work, with us taking short breaks here and there, and while my dad and I were in the midst of this routine, a simple act of momentary forgetfulness changed our lives forever…


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