Kim St.Onge

The Lady – Kim St-Onge

Growing up in Northern Ontario, meant swimming in the clean, cold lakes in summer, walking through the dense forests, picking berries, playing in sparkling snow, and appreciating the beautiful night skies in winter…
I lived my best life through church fellowships, reading books, or being in the great outdoors! So, right from a young age, relationships, reading, and nature were my loves.

As a young girl, my mom brought my sister and me with her to visit elderly or unwell friends in their homes and/or at care facilities. I enjoyed this interaction, and continued the practice with my own three daughters. That put a fire in my belly to work in the field of health care, so I went back to school and was able to fulfill this desire of my heart by working in Health Care in facilities, as well as in private homes. I have also fully enjoyed working in children’s programs, fostering children in our home, and coordinating community events with people of all ages. I love relationships of all kinds!

Cuddling with my daughters, reading together, and making up stories, were on my favourites list, which made it “oh so special” to be able to continue the tradition with my grandchildren! From there, it only took a few years of others telling me I should write books, before I finally sat down to do this very thing. What a thrill to see my imaginings come to life and print!! I can’t draw worth beans, so I truly appreciate my wonderful illustrator, Gillian Hebert.

My stories are fantasy, based on reality, and sprinkled with plenty of imagination.
From where did they come?
The Colours of a Dream – was written on a steamy Southern Ontario summer afternoon, to try to make something beautiful and fun out of a melting hot day. (I don’t tolerate the heat very well.)
The Tree – came to life on a lovely hike through the forested edge of farmer’s fields in Western Ontario, just imagining the life that has passed the trees by, over the years.
The Adventures of Vlad and Zoe Squirrel, and The Big Bee – while laying down for afternoon rests with my grandchildren, in our school bus converted into an RV, nestled into a wooded lot, the fun imaginings of squirrels came to life in my mind.

There are more stories to share, and I cannot wait for you to join me on these adventures!

The Captain – Fern St-Onge

Growing up spending plenty of time outdoors, helping on the farm, playing in the woods and on farm equipment, stealing fresh veggies from the garden (sorry Mom), eating fresh eggs, sneaking the rich cream off the top of the fresh milk in the fridge (hehe, sorry again, Mom), and having our own meat and vegetables (Thanks Dad and Mom!), I truly learned the value of real wholesome foods. I was blessed as a child, and again when I met my spouse — a beautiful woman who believes in wholesome living.
I also was privileged to be taught great work ethics — not only to work hard, but to play hard as well! I started out in the work field burning myself out, working long hours away from home, my wife, and our children. My wife and I knew changes had to be made in this area, so after a time, I went back to school…got another job working different crazy hours away from home, and travelling all over the continent…
Small changes led to more changes. I started to bring my family on my work trips, and thus began our wanderlust! That is, until our daughters settled in marriage and grandchildren started being born. SO, because my wife and I wanted to be near family, we quit our jobs, sold up, and moved!

With the ten years of job experience I now had, I started out on my own as Captain ELECTRON.
I am a family man who loves to travel and experience real life, meeting real people! I provide security solutions to businesses as well as private homes — video surveillance, alarm systems, and access control systems.

Fern StOnge
Fern and Kim StOnge

The Captain and his lady

I first met this handsome, shy, young man in high school…yep, grade eleven at Timmins High & Vocational School, Timmins, Ontario.  He was fresh in the area, and I thought I could be nice to him and make a new friend… Sooo, one day when I saw him in the cafeteria by himself, I walked up to him and said, “I hate to see anyone sitting alone.  Mind if I sit with you?”  (Yes, I really did say that…) 
He responded, “Can’t you see that I’m busy doing homework?”  Uhuh!! That was his smooth response… Fern was also in my French class, and being from a real French family, he was Teacher’s Pet for sure!  So I thought I could ask him for help in the classwork, but again he snubbed me off and sent his friend my way… I did move on!  I didn’t bother waiting for the third strike
But, as God would have it, by the end of the following summer, a family friend and I went to my parents’ newly built house to wash windows before moving in, and guess who was there?? Vacuuming the ducts, nonetheless!  Yep!  Fern had spent the summer working on a construction crew, and just happened to be in our new home! hehe… Kinda’ sweet revenge

From there, Fern actually made an attempt to talk to me that September at school!  And hey, I know a good thing when I see it!  He was a keeper… within three years, we were married!

Two years later, we started our little family – one, two, three daughters born to us within three and one-half years!  We have now been married over thirty years, have gained three wonderful sons-in-law, and have recently acquired our sixth grandchild!!  We are so blessed! Life is amazing!

We have purposed to enjoy every stage of our life together, and not be tied down to the norm…to debt, the job, stuff, to fear of life circumstances…
We are ever thankful for God’s strength in our weakness, His grace in our life, and His mercy – new every morning! He sure has plans for us! Join us and see! You might simply have a good laugh, or you may be inspired, by our trying to live “the Untethered Life”