the Time to Rest

The Time To Rest

the Time to Rest

When my body starts to ache, whether it be in the evening, middle of the day, or even first thing in the morning, I know, without a doubt, that my body is telling me that I am physically exhausted! I need to rest, or very soon, I will be sick. I have learned this lesson the hard way, of course. 

We tend to get fully into the constant go, go, go of life’s rhythm, and neglect to regularly take the time to rest.

When my emotions try to take over my mind, and the tears threaten at every turn, or anger flares with the least of triggers, I know without a doubt, that my mind is telling me that I am emotionally exhausted! It is the time to rest, or very soon, I will break down. I have learned this lesson the hard way, too. 

In every area of life, our busy minds are a larger part of the daily song and dance…

Over the past few years, I have had so many roles come and go that have thrown my life into fast forward and crazy interpretive dance! Becoming an empty-nester, becoming a grandparent, my husband’s loss of sight, the two year long (so far) building of our tiny home, the ups and downs of running our business, the added burden of two aged vehicles with engines breaking down, the somewhat instability of being on the road instead of having 

a scheduled life, and the inconsistent fellowship with others because of this new lifestyle.

Just like a body that is weak opens itself to viruses and autoimmune diseases, a mind that is weak from exhaustion can leave itself open to attacks that are much more wily! (Wily, meaning: deceitfully gaining an advantage…how fitting!)

My mind has been telling me that I am a hypocrite, and pointing out that once again I have failed. I lost my temper with my husband. I didn’t give my worries to God, but kept them to myself and tried, unsuccessfully, to handle things on my own. I harboured bitterness and refused to forgive. I am a failure (aka loser) in this life. I am a fake. I don’t practice what I preach. There is no hope for me…things will not improve. I will not improve. I am not necessary here.

But NO! Get behind me, Satan! I know those are not words from God! And I know that it is the enemy, the deceiver, that waits until I am weakened, and gains a mental advantage while I am down! I have allowed myself to go beyond the time to rest…

BEFORE I allow myself to get to this point, I should be resting in the Lord regularly! 

Come to Me all of you who are tired from the heavy burden you have been forced to carry. I will give you rest. Accept My teaching. Learn from Me. I am gentle and humble in spirit. And you will be able to get some rest. Matthew 11:28-29 ERV
Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at Me, your High God, above ...everything.” Psalm 46:10 MSG
Praise the Lord! Every day He helps us with the loads we must carry. He is the God who saves us. Selah” Psalm 68:19 ERV
The Time To Rest

How do I rest in the Lord God?

  1. Come to Me... Approach God, like the loving Saviour that He is. Ask Him to take your troubles. Give them over to Him. I have found that literally holding my arms open as I talk to God about my troubles, helps me to visualize the reality of letting go, as well as making it real that I am giving those troubles over to Him. Empty your mind of the cares of this world.

  2. Look at Me; Learn from Me... If you are too tired to read, find an audio version of the Bible and SOAK. IT. IN. Lie back, legs up, eyes closed, ears and heart open to His Words, His balm, His encouragement, His lessons. Fill your mind with His wisdom.

  3. Step away...from the craziness of life here. Even if you only allow yourself a few moments DAILY, it is so worth it! Did you know that only 20 minutes of lying down with your legs elevated, is as beneficial as an hour long nap? Sigh...(I feel rested just saying it!) Rest in Him!

  4. Praise Him! What more can you do with a calm and rested spirit? You will be thankful.

Give yourself the time – the time to rest. Your body and mind will thank you.

Time To Rest
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