Sometimes We Have to Do Radical

Sometimes We Have to Do Radical

Sometimes We Have to Do Radical

Some days life just kinda’ hits you right in the face, and you find yourself thinking, “Why did it take me so long to see this??” And that is pretty much how we have been feeling…


We have been terrible with finances! And there it is. In print. Are we very different from others in the fact that we simply have a difficult time saying no? To our children when they were growing… To invitations to events that cost money… To stuff… To fun family outings… To treats (I won’t mention any names, honey)… I am not even talking about extravagant things, either. Simply the everyday little things that accumulate… I mean, we know we don’t have cash growing on our trees, or in our bank accounts, but we want to live…now…not say no all the time so we can retire well. BUT, now we are in the home stretch, so to say, and hey! ummm, we will need to retire on something.

Now, I admit, moving into a mortgage-free converted school bus is radical! But, sometimes, we have to do radical. So, all that to tell you, my friends, that Fern and I are starting a radical budget – with the goal of being debt free in three years. It was supposed to start one year ago, but life kinda’ happened…

Making this huge change at our age is difficult enough, so please be kind, but feel somewhat free to give us money saving ideas. We are determined to follow Dave Ramsey’s, THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER, and have already cut up any and all credit cards. We have THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER WORKBOOK, with full intentions of USING IT. This will be tough, especially being business owners, but as you and God are our witnesses, this is where the rubber hits the road! I know this has been done, and not simply because I read the book, but we personally know couples that have applied this to their own finances and have succeeded!

The Captain and Hi s Lady

We don’t want to live mediocre lives. Making wise financial decisions will continuously be of the utmost importance. Part of living life fully, is being financially fit – and being fit in every area of life is right up my alley 😉 It’s not too late for us. It’s not too late for you. I would love to hear if anyone wants to join us in this journey! 

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