I heard this song a couple of days ago, and the words really struck home in my heart!

I am here, you are there, lying side by side
Out of touch, out of reach in the great divide
Parallel lines,

Hear the rain, count the drops on the window pane
Wide awake, stale mate, why do we play this game?
Oh God, I hate this game

Throw open the doors
You know my heart is yours
What are we waiting for?
Let’s be pioneers

There’s a song that we sang on our honeymoon
I remember all the words but forgot the tune
Why are we out of tune?

Let’s forgive and let’s forgive again
I’m reaching out to my sweetest friend
Can we start again?

Throw open the doors
You know my heart is yours
What are we waiting for?
Let’s be pioneers

And we’ll build our home

In the great unknown
Let’s be pioneers…”


My husband and I decided to do this tiny home, full-time RV, off-grid living, a short almost 3 years ago – pioneering a new lifestyle! New and exciting!

The first month brought some huge obstacles, but we were still hyped, and so we could face this together! New and exciting, regardless of some difficulty!

The first year brought more obstacles, but we were still determined we could do this together! Even the difficulties were somewhat new and so life was still exciting!

The second year brought still MORE obstacles, but normal life is still going on, and we just didn’t have the time nor energy to keep up with both – something’s gotta’ give, right?! NO! 

If we give up on taking care of our generator, it will stop working, then our power will not work, both leaving us in darkness and without a water pump… If we give up on making sure our propane is kept up, we are without heat, perhaps causing our fridge to stop working (the temperature needs to be warm enough for the coils on the rear of the unit), or leaving us without hot water, chancing that our pipes will freeze, as well as no ability to cook food on our propane stove…

A simple laziness in the every day chores can cause huge ramifications!

Think of it – we start out in our relationships pretty hopeful, putting ourselves into them full throttle – pioneering a new life together!! Then life gets in the way, I am doing my things, he is doing his… Throw in some obstacles… I just don’t have the time nor the energy for this…

Is something gonna’ give? Can he give up his job? Can I give up what I am doing? Will we join so many others and give up on each other. Can we afford to give less to this relationship? NO!

Thus saying, let’s be pioneers in this life! Pioneers at making relationships work! Pioneers at finishing what we start in this most important area of our lives! 

We have recently been called Empty Nesters, but I don’t like that term, not necessarily. I mean, I still live in this nest, and so does my husband – it isn’t empty. Life is completely different, but there is still life here. And we definitely don’t want it to be empty! 

How about we call ourselves Pioneering Nesters, my friend? The Starters and Finishers! The ones who want to finish well. The ones that are willing to do whatever it takes, to be “Pioneers”, and ready to start over whenever necessary, but having experience and maybe a little wisdom.

Let’s be real – we will need to forgive and forgive again; life IS the great unknown; it’s easier to love a pet (okay, that is a whole other topic 😉). But relationships are SO worth the effort! 

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