May You Live

May You Live

May You Live

Live: remain or be alive; synonym: experience

It’s not easy to live. I mean, really live. It may be easy to be open and out there when life is all sunshine and lollipops, as my sister likes to mockingly say… but for most of us who like everything to be just right, or picture perfect, it gets a little tricky. 

May You Live

One of the young girls in the class that I lead at Awana (children’s club), gave me this picture one club night, and it hangs on the side of my refrigerator as a great reminder: trying to be perfect in every area of my life, steals my joy. It becomes an obsession. And it takes my focus off of what is more important – life.

Life is in the everyday. It’s in the moments I have my granddaughter with me because she wasn’t well enough to go to daycare, though I originally had my day planned differently. Life happens when someone drops by unexpectedly, and the dishes aren’t washed, and the bed isn’t made because it is laundry day…but we have sweet fellowship, and that wasn’t part of my schedule. And believe me, the chaos is kinda’ my nemesis… well, I can allow it to be. OR, I can choose to “live all the days of my life”.

We made sweet memories, my granddaughter and I, the other day. And when my grandson and I had a day together because he had a PA day, I didn’t get to my blog…but I LIVED! And it was beautiful!

So, although I have been asked multiple times for pictures and videos of our home, I have made multiple excuses because I haven’t quite let go of the perfectionist inside…

But today, I did a thing! A little video tour of our not finished, not perfect by far, home. Why? Because I am enjoying living. I am learning contentment. I am appreciating the peace that comes from it. And in turn, I have joy.

This is my real everyday living space. I hope you enjoy the video 😉

Watch my Instagram video linked here.

But most of all, I want the same thing for you: “May you live all the days of your life.”

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