Celebrate One Another

Celebrate One Another

Celebrate One Another

I think we need to celebrate one another.

To celebrate who the person is, what makes them who they are, and why they are special to us, what they have accomplished, what they have gone through and the strengths they have gained that makes them even more amazing…

There are times when the card store can be handy, but daily, our lives are a card, written to our loved ones… a testament of our affection and care in every action towards them. Whether a tiny note quickly written as a reminder of our love, or picking up of the other’s dirty laundry without complaint; a cute card with a cheesy poem, or a phone call to share a funny happening in your day; one of those handmade-looking-plastic-covered 3-dimensional-ooh cards that blow your mind at the cash, or time taken to repair a favourite shirt or make a “fancy” meal with the other’s palette in mind… Spending half an hour searching for the perfect words written, or time taken to talk together

Recently, I heard a speaker say that there is nothing wrong with having special days to celebrate or remember loved ones fondly, but that we should not forget to treat them as special every day of the year. To this, I agree heartily! I want to give my time, my life, myself, to show how much I appreciate and cherish the ones I love!


But today? Today is the day that one I love was born, and I am stopped with this reminder of how his life has blessed mine!

This man is always ready to drop whatever he is doing, and help anyone – a complete stranger that is stuck in the snow, or mud; a neighbour that is having difficulty putting something together; a family member with a technical issue; a friend that is moving or needing a repair done at their house; something broken at the church building; a grandchild that seems to need some special attention; or a daughter that could stand to join us in an adventure…

He likes to bring fun adventure and laughter to all around him. He loves to talk and spend time with people. He used to call himself a loner, yet he attracts people of any age with his crazy charisma, and easy affection. One of my favourite attributes of my man, is that his hands will naturally reach out to those around, and often his arm will go around the shoulders of whomever he is speaking. He isn’t awkward in these attentions, and is usually well received.

My life, with him in it, is one outrageous adventure! Our family is spoiled with outward love from him, and from my heart I am thankful – for all of it, the good and the bad… I appreciate and cherish my husband, and celebrate his life today! Happy birthday, my love!!

Who are you celebrating – today, tomorrow, every day? Each day is a special day for us to show others how they touch our lives, and how we can touch theirs…who doesn’t like to be celebrated, shown attention, given time towards? Celebrate, meaning acknowledge, honour – let us acknowledge one another, and show how we think highly of one another with all the little actions of our lives!

P.S. Isn’t he always such a good sport? I love him!

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