The Little Things Are The Big Things

Big Things

The Little Things Are The Big Things

I love looking back at my pictures to remind myself from where we came, and also to kind of re-live the excitement of each step!  It really is the little things that are the big things! I can clearly remember when my husband put up my little clothes line…I was so excited! At first plan, an apartment-sized washing machine was to be built into the back closet, but wise water usage and clothing space prevailed, so we now use a laundromat weekly. I almost feel like a pioneer woman 😉 When my husband suggested we buy a washboard, that did not go over well… my laundromat has chandeliers…


Something I have always wanted, regardless of the fact that my kitchen was big enough not to be necessary in the past, was a pantry. A little bit of research, and we found the perfect idea on Pinterest, for the small space between the fridge and wall. Ours was made specifically to-size for our kitchen, but this plan works for even narrower spaces. The pantry length and height is the depth and height of the refrigerator beside it, and for the width, I simply measured my largest staple goods, and worked accordingly. The shelves were made to fit my specific food items, as well. I really LOVE that about tiny home living! Everything is made especially for the people living inside!

My daughter came over for an afternoon, and we had a great time building this awesome tool! We used light-weight wood for the design because weight matters in a moving house. The whole pantry is on four wheels, and when the RV is on the move, we lock it into place, using a flip-down latch from the wall to the top of the pantry.

It’s the personal finishing touches that I like to add to all my handmade items, so besides distressing the chalk paint, I found a beautiful vintage iron drawer pull to use for the handle. 

Now, this baby is huge, but we LOVE it!! And we had a time with this one!! My husband and I procrastinated as long as possible before purchasing our stove because we were determined not to go into debt while building… (A special thanks goes out to Fern’s parents for the birthday gift they gave him, which bought our appliances!) We shopped online and at stores looking for a five-burner with grill, LP/gas stove with a convection oven included, in white. Apparently, white USED to be cheaper because stainless was the in thing… Now, white is a special order item. Regardless, we did order our special white stove, and awaited delivery – originally approximately ten days. Ha! We waited two months, and after making a stink, our stove was found, and we had to pick up our stove ourselves!  Now, just so you can fully understand the difficulty of having this luscious amenity inside our home: we had to completely undo our bedframe, remove our mattress from the premises so as to make space, and come through the back door regardless of the fact that the kitchen is in the front, since the front door is much too narrow and the corner too severe. We excitedly opened the humungous box inside the truck bed, only to find that we carted home a simple four burner white stove – regardless of the immense price tag of our special order! After calling the store directly, we were told that was the exact stove the salesperson had ordered – he had deceived us! We went through the whole struggle of putting the stove into place in the RV, because we needed a stove, but later were told that we were not allowed to use said stove if we wanted to exchange it… To make a long story shorter, we brought back that stove ourselves, and then waited two more months before finally getting this stainless one, for a bigger price tag and a small apology. Warning: As much as I love my stove, I would be remiss if I did not warn everyone to stay far away from Bad Boy Furniture and Appliances Store.

Another little project that makes a big difference in our home, is our table.

Once again, my hero came to the rescue, and saved a much valued item from our past: a cute, solid wood bookshelf that I couldn’t part with, was measured and cut just the right height for our table top to sit on, and made our dining table. 

In life, it really is the little things that are the big things! The time one takes to listen, and understand what is really important to one another; the moments spent just being with a person, and making them feel valued… 

It isn’t that these little items in our house make it more of a home, but how they came about makes them big to me! The effort of finding the perfect clothes line for our unique lifestyle, the time taken out of a busy mom-with-toddlers-life to give even more of oneself, the work of taking the whole house apart to fit that beautiful beast of my dream stove inside, the love through time that was put into making the shelf into our table leg…

Look around your life – who did what to make a difference in your everyday?? 

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