Quaint’n Teeny Hickson

Quaint n Teeny Hickson

Quaint’n Teeny Hickson

Due to excessively cold temperatures inside our bus home, at this time, we are staying with our daughter, son-in-law, and three grandsons in Hickson, Ontario 🙂  Such a quiet, quaint and teeny farm town.  Everywhere we travel, we must find trails or places to hike, and Hickson does not disappoint!

Recently, I downloaded an app on my phone – I was sooo excited to share with my husband my trendy find! (He is very proud of me when I do technological things on my own.) 😉 The app is called Alltrails Canada, and here is the link, if you’re interested: https://www.alltrails.com/canada

The Hickson Trail is listed on this app, and although it is rated Moderate, I am not convinced… But, regardless, it is quite enjoyable! 

The neighborly personality of this town is made evident in the trademarked warmth at the very beginning of the trail! I could almost feel the kindness and sense of community in the fact that someone created and placed handmade walking sticks hanging on a post, as well as a bag of birdseed, at the trailhead, and completed the gesture with a handwritten note, saying, “Use a cane. Feed the birds.”  

The walk itself is quite pleasant. And every person that I have met up with along the way, was openly friendly! Having spent some time living in the city, this was rather refreshing, I must say!

Nestled between Woodstock and Tavistock, Hickson is a little gem of a place. The Hickson Trail takes one all the way to Woodstock, winding it`s way between farm fields and running behind the Craigowan Golf and Country Club. 

A lovely little river, the Middle Thames River, runs beside and across the trail, with it’s clear cool waters. Pretty much, picture perfect!   

What is a country trail without the local animal-life? 

Here is where I must add that if you happen to have dogs that may chase cows, and start a sort of stampede, you probably should keep them on a leash – unless you want to have to wash manure-clad pets, and your clothes… I may speak from experience…

So, as you may see from the photos, the trail itself is not an overly difficult walk, albeit extremely muddy in places – plan on having to bathe your dogs, and probably small children, too 😉  In total, the 12.7 miles are mainly flat, with one hill sloping down to a bridge over the river and back up the other side to the path. All in all, it can be a lovely couple of hours in the great outdoors, and a peaceful step back into a more relaxed time…

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