Not Too Minimalistic I Hope

Not Too Minimalistic I Hope

Not Too Minimalistic I Hope

We have been working hard at minimalizing our lives, trying to focus on what may be a need verses the latest gadget or cute dust collector… One of the best purchases I have seen out there is a painted wooden block with the words “Collect memories, not things.” And a steal at only $10 for a “thing” that would clutter my space and need dusting! Hehe!

It can be quite difficult to let go of these things we have collected over the years…bringing them with us on every move, even putting them in storage because one just never knows when it can be used again, or it’s just so special that it cannot be given away (regardless of the fact that we rarely even look at it). Wait! I don’t really want to get into that…

Church Friends

One true sadness that I have experienced, and more importantly have been guilty of, is how easily we can minimalize friends. With all of our moving, I have learned the importance of making friends quickly. But, when I pack up my things, do I pack up my friendships and bring them with me? Or do I put them in storage, and never really bother with them again? Or even just leave them behind without a backward glance?

 I can store my friends on Facebook, just glancing at them time and again, with a brief heart tug at fond memories… True relationships take time and effort – taking them with you through your life changes, regular ‘dusting’, or spending of quality time together. 

And there is my favourite reason for getting rid of an item from one’s household: “if it doesn’t give you joy.” On that note, I am sure that I do not always give others “joy”. Please don’t pack me up and get rid of me… I have seen a huge trend that encourages us to rid our lives of people that bring negativity… Do I believe that if I can so easily rid myself of people, that I will never fall into that category for someone else?

I can honestly say that my best friends are family members first, and they know me most intimately! They still like me, even though they HAVE to love me 😉  So, why be afraid of openly loving others? Why not just let people in to the real you? Collect people! People are treasures!! Friendships are worth keeping, protecting, bringing along with you on your adventures, and sharing your life with…

Minimalizing stuff is good. Maximize your friendships

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