Magnificent Eastern Quebec

Kim & Fern in Eastern Quebec

Magnificent Eastern Quebec

Spending time together is very important in every relationship, as well as being flexible. This was determined very early in our marriage, as Fern travelled often with his work, and since we liked each other, I flexed 😉

That hasn’t changed much over the years, except that we have added in travel to see our children and grandchildren.

On that note, I am going to bring you to an awesome little area outside of Ontario.

After Fern’s second eye surgery this January, we took a one month sabbatical and visited our youngest daughter and son-in-law in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

This gorgeous region is located on the edge of the US border at Vermont, and is just picture perfect regardless of the season! The best place to breathe in the fresh, clean outdoors, and heal body and soul…

During our time there, every morning, we awoke to the beauty surrounding us – the tall evergreens, huge maples, and since it was February, snow, and loads of it!

I have a theory about winter. I would rather have snow than rain because it’s cleaner, brighter, and with more snow, there are endless possibilities of activities.

Now don’t get me wrong, mud bogging is fun, and rubber boots are cool — I loved my pink plaid boots — but one can only stay muddy for so long… With snow, well, there’s downhill and cross-country skiing, skating, sledding, tubing, snow shoeing, hot tubbing, building snowmen, fireplaces, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, cuddling…Anyway, I think it’s obvious that I thoroughly enjoy winter!

I may be somewhat biased since I stayed at a fantastic INN, (chez Kerr), but having visited numerous times, we are still regularly wowed!

This last stay, against our son-in-law’s wishes, (yes, we are a somewhat rebellious couple even at middle-age), we daily trekked through the woods just down the road and through the trees, apparently onto someone else’s land. We are always very careful about not leaving a footprint wherever we go, so we were not concerned, and we never once met up with another soul nor were there any complaints or issues with the neighbours.

But daily, the beauty never ceased to awe me! God is an unbelievable artist!! We even found a little alcove in the midst of the trees where we would daily stop and get on our knees, spending time praying together — an almost ethereal experience…

Since we also love hilly terrain and mountains, the landscape is great here!! Although, one morning, after

Fern was told to be very cautious with his level of activity and not to expend any pressure to his eye, on our way down the large hill into the forest, Fern’s foot caught in deep snow and this threw his full body weight forward unexpectedly, making him fall flat out and face first into the snow! My first thought was, “I hope his eye didn’t pop out!” And then burst into laughter with him at the comedic scene! Thankfully, all was well!

And hey! Since you would be in Coaticook, check out the deliciousness of the homemade fresh ice cream at Coaticook Creamery…mmmmm.

Round off that ice cream with a walk at the Coaticook Gorge…as you can see in our pictures, the views are heart-stirring on the Suspension Bridge, as well as down in the gorge itself!


This hike is also moderate, yet almost relaxing, especially going through the Foresta Lumina – the lit forest walk where “fairies listen to the wishes of those who let themselves be guided through the forest mysteries”. Let your imagination run with the magical scenery…

What can I say about the lakes? Crystal clear waters, pristine and refreshing…

Just thinking back on this wonderful place makes me want to return over and over again…so peaceful,

and like stepping back to another day when life was more simple.

Early spring brings the added bonus of maple sugaring!

Best maple syrup in the world! (Don’t forget in the fall, the flamboyant colours of those same maple trees…)  And then there are the cheese curds, (which our daughter and son-in-law must bring to us with every visit), that are available at any season! YUM!! Second to none in squeak factor 😉

Besides all the natural outdoor beauty, I must recommend the delectable delights and healthy eats at Atelier C in Magog. Oh my goodness!! I personally attest that her gluten free desserts are AWESOME! As well as her unique smoothie combinations… Best gf café ever!!

Other superbly charming towns to check out:  Ayers Cliff, North Hatley, Lac Brome… I am sure to add more in time!

And you can add as well – please let us know in the comments below 🙂

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