Love Built These Walls

Love Built These Walls

I was supposed to be the grunt, and the designer/ decorator. He, being the man that previously worked in construction, and was handy with tools, was supposed to be in charge and know what to do. That was the plan!

Our beautiful daughter, Lanai, along with her sweet son, came to assist with finishing the removal of the walls and rivets, and I am so very thankful that she is handy and willing to help! (She was, at that time, a full time student, as well as being mom to two toddlers…) I love my family and am proud of them!!

Now that my husband was incapacitated, I had to “man up”. Fern wasn’t happy with the fact that he could simply tell me what to do 🙂 He wanted to be out there doing it himself — and believe me, he did sneak out a couple of times to tell me that I missed a spot…

Isn’t that just everyone’s favourite line to hear from someone? Hehe… It didn’t go over well then either 😉

 Just as an aside, building a home for yourself can be a wonderful bonding experience – or cause for a lot of silly arguments… I am learning patience. Thank God for mercy that is new every morning!

Now was time to insulate the walls. Fern had done all the research already, and had decided that spray foam was the way to go! We had called all the local companies that offer this service, and the service is actually less expensive than doing it oneself, but we were a small job, and not priority to any of these local businesses. Sad, but true. One company that was interested, was located in Toronto, Ontario, and we would have had to have our bus towed to their shop for the insulating process, which in and of itself, would have been an extraordinary cost. 

List of necessities for spray foam insulating:

It is definitely a warm job, but the goal is to be insulated, and so worth it to do the job right! The insulation has to be a continuous two inches in thickness, and what we appreciated about this, is that there are no gaps for drafts! Spray foam also has double the R-value of fiberglass insulation! It also acts as a natural vapour barrier.

We waited two days to make sure everything was dry and settled, and of course, during that time, my husband kept stealing into the bus to check on my progress…

At this time, our daughter, Lanai, my father, my sister, and brother-in-law, all came for a work day! They brought tools, safety equipment, and food 🙂 We proceeded to cover all the walls with plywood – measure, cut, attach – like a well oiled machine! (Intermittently, checking on the patient.)

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