Livin the Dream

One Happy Man

Livin the Dream

This is one happy man! For years, he has been talking about his dream of having solar power, so when the day came that he could buy a system, he was over the moon! You may not think that living in a bus conversion RV is “livin the dream” so to say, but for us it is… to be together, even when travelling; living mortgage free; not having utility bills; and leaving the smallest footprint possible, wherever we go.

The stuff my proud man is displaying, regardless of the funny t-shirt from his sister-in-law: 

  • 4x 100 watt, 12 volt crystalline solar panels  
  • 30 amp 12 volt digital solar charge controller  
  • 1000 watt digital inverter  
  • 2x 105 amp hour marine batteries 

With full sun, living in Ontario, and traveling in Canada, we get maximum 19 amps during peak times of day. After a full night, the charge is usually down to 12 amps. 

We have a full sized electric refrigerator running 24/7, a lap-top being used, a television, water pump, gas stove/ convection oven, small appliances, lights…

and we rarely have to plug into shore power. Obviously, in the winter, we must use our propane powered generator to pick up where the solar lacks 😉

Now, after the fact, we were told that this purchase was not the best deal price-wise, and that one would be wiser to shop at stores that specialize in these products, but we are still satisfied. We do plan to add another two solar panels and a battery or two to our system soon.

My husband placed the solar panels towards the front of the bus, so that we could park the back half of our home (which incorporates our bedroom and bathroom) in the shade, and still charge the panels.

Fern insulated between the roof of the bus and where he securely attached the panels. We have been highway traveling with these attached, and have not had any issues as of yet.

Like any other full-time RV’er, we do gather attention from strangers, and many a time we have heard the phrase, “Livin the dream!” come from their lips! If I can say so myself, I do agree! This is freedom we never imagined we could have…

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