Crucial Productivity

Crucial Productivity

Crucial Productivity

I’m pretty sure we should have shares in the hardware store business…but this was an amazingly productive weekend, thanks to a couple of magic elves that came to visit!


magic elves

Meanwhile, at the men’s corner, metal tire racks, purposed to hold up to 300 pounds, were used to make up the support for the floor  boards of our back deck. Holes were drilled into the metal framing, near the back corners of the bus, to support the metal racks, and there the rack was bolted and secured. From this step, our son-in-law measured, cut, and laid the wood parallel to the bus, drilling and bolting the wood into the metal rack. For added reinforcement, we anchored metal bars the width of the bus, both at front and back of the deck. 

The purpose of our deck?? On one side of the rear door, we have our two 30 pound propane tanks, and on the other side, our Champion dual fuel (gas, propane) 4000 watt, 100 pound generator. (I can tell you, come our Canadian winter, we sure did appreciate that generator!! Not only did the warmth of the generator keep our propane flowing properly, but it made up for the lack of power from our solar panels not getting enough sunlight. As for how much propane we used in the -15 C, and colder, weather? We pretty much went through a 30 pound tank daily!)     My husband drilled through the back wall to run the propane lines into the bus to support the water heater, kitchen stove, and furnace. (Using a dual regulator, 18 inch hoses, a split, and gas-rated Teflon tape at each joint, as well as shut-off valves at each appliance.) I have to apologize that we did not make any videos of this process, and my only excuse is that we are learning as we go along, and so, did not think we had or have any wisdom to offer in this situation… I am proud of the workmanship that my husband has put into the propane system, and can rightfully say that it works 🙂

Another priority that was dealt with on this weekend of bonus slaves, I mean integral helpers, was reinstalling the driver’s seat and seat belt…don’t believe we could work the whole RV thing without this… Now, while this may sound like a minor chore, those of you who have a schoolie (converted school bus) probably understand the joys of said job… Now picture this: our awesome son-in-law, who is never afraid of hard work, put himself under our bus, regardless of the abundance of ticks, and for added measure, grabbed hold of something to pull himself further under…and was suddenly covered in horrible black liquid – namely brakeline fluid! Hehehe… Sorry, James… I had to tell this important step 😉 Even after this incident, he continued through to get the seat and belt bolted back in! I told you he was awesome!

Lastly for this weekend, but not in the least bit unimportantly, was the removal of stickers, especially wording. There seemed to be irony in smiling whilst removing smiley face stickers…

Slowly, but surely, this yellow beast was becoming more and more like a home. Each and every step plays a definite part in crucial productivity! Stay tuned for the painting ceremony!

OH! My husband and I are having a colour war 😉 Which do you think would be best? Dark red? Or gun-metal grey? 

Although our daughter and her husband were in the middle of a complete home renovation of their own, they gave of their time to come and help us. Our beloved daughter and I took a scant couple of hours to build a barn-style door to suit the dual purpose of closet and powder room door – hiding our clothes, unless needed for privacy in the loo 😉  Oh yeah! We Pinterest “nailed it”!


barn-style door to suit the dual purpose of closet and powder room door
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