A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal

I awoke early with somewhat of a start.  My head reminding me that yesterday’s drama was real.  But having no time to ponder, because I had to pick up my love at the hospital and bring him to his first of many visits to the specialist, the day began in earnest.

I brought my precious pirate home to chaos — thankfully we still had our bed 💗 My poor husband had to spend the next ten days face-down, leaving the bed only to use the privy 😉  Four different kinds of eye drops every three hours for a month… and for the first time, he was my full time patient.  I had no other clients, jobs, or engagements at that time — I literally had just completed all my outside of home responsibilities in preparation of our move, which in fact, was supposed to take place in four days!  I have to add that, and I am sure this is because of Fern’s amazing report with his clients, all of Fern’s jobs had to be put on hold, and not one client complained.

We couldn’t possibly continue with the building of our home under the circumstances, and in turn, were not at all certain where to go from here — we had nowhere to live in just four days!  For the first time that I can think of, I was totally lost as to what I should do… I just took care of my husband, and kept packing and praying.

Food was brought to us, visits were made, doctor’s appointments were driven to, more packing was done, so many phone calls received, so many people assuring us that they were praying — so much outpouring of love came our way!!

It was at this time that Ronny and Natalie, my brother and sister-in-love,  offered us the use of their beautiful camper trailer, and we were given another go-ahead by Don, Wendy, Dawn Marie and Chris to park it beside our bus ❤

Even as I write this, I think, Who could have imagined this chain of events, this astonishingly miraculous show of love??!  Yes, it was a tragic event.  Yes, we were sorry it happened.  But what a blessing!  And would we change this lesson in our lives?  No. Definitely not.  What a blessed time in our lives!

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