A Feat of Firsts

A Feat of Firsts

A Feat of Firsts

Feat, definition: a noteworthy achievement; synonym: adventure

Fern & Kim

And yes, this is!

This weekend marked the first of a multitude of things, making it an amazing adventure! Fern and I were super excited to be invited to join our granddaughter’s birthday party – a camping weekend at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. This marked the first time we were to stay at a Provincial Park with our RV. And we were not disappointed! We were greeted by a sweet young lady, who was in awe of our bus conversion 🙂 

No negativity here! And, I was mightily impressed with my beloved, who had to park our beast! Post on one side, trees on the other, reversing around a curve in the road, lot across already being used by another RV… You da’ man, Babe!!

Although we had filled our 65 gallon water tank multitudes of times previously, (by using a pump and a dozen 18-liter jugs…), this stamped the first time using a fill station – so much faster and easier!

First three generation camping trip: Papa, Gigi, Grampa,

First three generation camping trip: Papa, Gigi, Grampa, Gramma, Mommies, Daddies, and five grandchildren, aged five down to two years! Four tents and a school bus conversion! Guess who was the comfiest? Hahahaha! What can I say? Glamping is for me!

A cool first, worthy of  mention:

The Fire-Master, our son-in-law, started our fires with a magnesium flint and dryer lint! Mhm! We were all dutifully impressed! We cooked our food, toasted our marshmallows, and warmed our bodies by the magnificent fire kept burning by this man. He’s a keeper 😉

this stamped the first time using a fill station -
The Fire-Master, our son-in-law,
The Fire-Master, our son-in-law,

I must say, we had the time of our lives, and hope to make this an annual family tradition! I am just going to bombard you with the photos and let you decide if this is a place you would love to visit 🙂

Bronte Creek Provincial Park, in Oakville, Ontario, is a beautifully kept park, and has full amenities, which also include lovely trails, leash-free areas for dogs, a 1.8 acre swimming pool, a children’s play barn and farm, as well as tent and RV spots with electricity.

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